Discounted payment processing programs.

Whether you're a software platform, association, bank, credit union, or web designer - give your clients access to discounted payment processing and earn monthly residual income.

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Make payments an add-on to your business.

Access discounted payment processing.

Get instant access to highly discounted payment processing rates that you can pass along to your customers, clients or patients as a value added service to your core business.

Earn residual income.

When you join vippip's partnership program and include payment processing into your suite of services, you'll get a partner's share of the profits - residually.

Plug into our technology.

The beautiful part about vippip is you don't have to know anything about payment processing to reap the rewards. Instantly plug into our technology platform to start earning residual.

For software platforms.

If your end user takes credit, debit or ACH transactions in their business, you can help them lower their rates, and provide a value-added service to your platform. Having your developers work with your users on an individual basis to integrate a payment gateway into your software is too time consuming.

Our Speed Boarding technology only requires a one time integration from your developers, and will automatically issue/integrate a merchant account within seconds of a new user joining your platform.

For trade associations.

If you run an association and your members count on you to provide them with value, then you've come to the right place. We'll provide your members with deeply discounted payment processing rates, swiping hardware, and a white labeled signup landing page hosted by vippip.

We'll handle the customer service, payment processing, new member signups, and anything else you'd expect of us in order to take first-class care of your members.

Solutions for all client types.

Whether your customers, clients or patients accept payments face-to-face, over the phone, online or through your software platform, we have a solution that will fit their specific processing needs.

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Custom rates

Your customers will never be surprised with unexpected fees.

We allow you to customize the rates that your customers will pay to process electronic transactions. That means you can slash any monthly fees you want and consolidate everything into one low flat rate.

Your customers will thank you.

Whether you realize it or not, your customers hate their traditional merchant accounts. Why? Because it's riddled with hidden fees, rate increases, setup and cancellation fees, hefty PCI requirements, long term contracts and much more.

When you join vippip and give your customers the gift they're unable to give themselves, they'll have you to thank for it.

Our No BS Guarantee Policy.

To remove all risk to you, you’ll never be placed in any type of contract whatsoever. Month to month agreements only is our promise because we believe your business should be earned.

This way you can experience everything. And if you’re not totally satisfied with everything for any reason, just let us know, and we’ll cancel your account with no hard feelings.

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